Cover: “Cold Case” by M.A. Comley

Introducing the cover for bestselling author M.A. Comley’s latest DI Sally Parker Thriller, “Cold Case“.

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DI Sally Parker has been handed a ten-year-old cold case. However, the victim, Aisha Thomas, isn’t just a member of the public–she’s a serving police officer’s wife.

During the original investigation, the suspects disappeared before they could be questioned. Now fresh evidence has been uncovered, proving the two suspects to be innocent. Sally has to start over at the beginning. She uncovers a few surprises that were either overlooked. . . or purposefully ignored by the original investigator.

When the case threatens Sally’s fledgling romantic relationship with pathologist Simon Bracknall, she begins to suspect someone is determined to hinder her chance at happiness–as well as solving Aisha’s murder.

Is Sally getting close to revealing the killer or has she stumbled across something even more sinister?

Cover: “All the Way” by Shaun Hammond

Cover reveal for Shaun Hammond’s upcoming release, “All the Way”.

Coming soon to print and ebook!

One chance encounter would change his life forever….

Tom Headly seemed to have it all – money, fame, and success. But Tom is also lonely. While in New York City discussing his next project, he meets a woman who challenges him and changes his life forever. Seemingly overnight, Tom is revitalized to realize he wants more from life than his next acting role. He wants to help people. He wants to matter to his friends. He wants to love God and learn more about Him.

But will Tom find the love he’s looking for? Will he have the courage to leave Hollywood? Or will he have the resilience to stay? And then there’s that woman he met in New York…

In this blatantly Christian novel, the author challenges even the most conservative Christian to live a life wholly devoted to Jesus.

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Cover: “Main Street” by Dianna Wilkes

Introducing the cover for author Dianna Wilkes’Main Street“.

Now available in print and ebook!

Interior designer Dana Canfield never expected to become a widow at age forty-five. Determined to rebuild her life, she relocates her business to Providence Island off the coast of Virginia. Providence may be a small town, but she already has her first major challenge: the Main Street renovation project.

She soon learns there are secrets in her past that she was unaware of. Some of those secrets followed her to Providence Island. And some are waiting there for her.

Mechanic Nick Warden never expected to meet the woman of his dreams when he moved to Providence Island. Dana’s BMW convertible may have caught his attention, but it’s Dana who captures his heart. Their budding romance hits a speed bump when Nick realizes a series of strange—and terrifying—incidents plaguing Dana over the past year are connected to her late husband’s murder.

Nick and Dana’s relationship leaps from zero to sixty, but danger’s not far behind. Can they solve a quarter-century mystery before it’s too late?

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Cover: “The Apothecary’s Poison” by CJ Archer

The cover for bestselling author C.J. Archer’s third book in the Glass and Steele series, “The Apothecary’s Poison“.

Now available for pre-order!

When a newspaper report of a medical miracle catches Matt’s eye, he and India go in search of Dr. Hale in the hope he is more magical doctor than miracle worker and can lead them to Chronos. But Hale turns out to be an apothecary magician keen to educate the public about magic.

Their disappointment at not finding Chronos is soon forgotten when Hale is murdered, and Matt becomes a suspect. With Matt’s nemesis Sheriff Payne influencing the investigating detective, India and Matt know they must find the real killer, or risk his freedom, and ultimately his life. Time is running out as they hunt for a killer capable of turning medicine into poison with a magic spell, as well as continue the search for Chronos. A search that must end in success before Matt’s malfunctioning watch stops altogether.

Cover: “Dark Shattering” by Liz Schulte

Check out the cover for Liz Schulte’s latest Ella Reynolds book, “Dark Shattering“.

Now available in print and ebook!

Gauzy white curtains billow out of the windows of the Kearney House beckoning people to enter if they dare. Murder, insanity, and suicide—the fates that await anyone who inhabits the dilapidated structure. Just a few hours wouldn’t mark them, at least that is the hope.

Five ghost hunters go into the infamous Kearney house with a single goal in mind: find proof of the spiritual world. Only four will walk out—one of them in handcuffs—as the blood of the most recent victim stains the warped wooden floor. The case is open and shut. After all, houses don’t kill people.

Nearly being murdered three times, Ella Reynolds thinks she might be done investigating for good. She has her own ghosts to deal with and finally something to live for. When the most recent death at the Kearney House falls into her lap, she can’t resist taking one more case. A potentially innocent person’s life hangs in the balance, and she’s the only one who can help.