Cover: “A Dance of Silver and Shadow” by Melanie Cellier

Introducing the cover for the first book in Melanie Cellier’s Beyond the Four Kingdoms Series, “A Dance of Silver and Shadow“. A retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses story.

Now available in ebook and coming soon to print!

When Princess Liliana and her twin sister set sail for new lands, she hopes to find adventure and romance. But the people of Marin live under the shadow of a curse—one powerful enough to destroy entire kingdoms. To protect them all, Lily and eleven other princesses are forced to participate in a mysterious and secret tournament.

Lily spends her nights competing in a magical underground realm and her days unraveling the dangers of this new court. Although she needs the help of the Marinese prince, Lily knows she can’t let herself grow too close to him. There’s no time for romance when the duchy is about to fall to the encroaching darkness and the winner of the tournament faces a terrible fate.

But Lily and her twin have a secret advantage. And Lily grows increasingly determined to use their magical bond to defeat the tournament, save the princesses, and free Marin. Except she might have to sacrifice true love to do it.

In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, there’s a lot more at stake than worn out dancing slippers.

Cover: “Vow of Deception” by CJ Archer

Cover reveal for bestselling author, C.J. Archer’s next Ministry of Curiosities book, “Vow of Deception“.

Now available for pre-order!

With the wedding only days away, the Ministry is thrown into turmoil when another murder is committed by a shape-shifter. But this time the newspapers make the connection to werewolves – and the Ministry. Suddenly the attention is focused on Lichfield Towers and its residents as the police investigate and parliament wants to shut the organization down.

It could spell the end of everything Charlie has come to love.

As the authorities close in and ministry secrets are exposed, past allies can no longer be trusted. Can Charlie save her home, her loved ones, and herself? Or will she lose Lincoln and her friends forever?

Cover: “Ice and Embers” by Melanie Karsak

Introducing the cover for another one of bestselling author, Melanie Karnak’s Steampunk Fairy Tales, “Ice and Embers“.

Now available in print, or in ebook as part of the Regency Rendezvous – Book 4.

Ice and Embers is a retelling of the classic Snow Queen fairy tale set in Regency London.
When actress Elyse McKenna fell in love with Lord John Waldegrave, she was prepared to keep their liaison secret. What she wasn’t ready for was how her newfound love would rock her relationship with her dearest friend, Doctor Kai Murray.
With the 1814 London Frost Fair in full swing, Elyse and her troupe at the Ice House Theatre find themselves at the heart of the excitement on the frozen Thames. But when an exotic ship captain, whose vessel is trapped in the ice, turns her attention to Kai, everything Elyse thought she knew about her feelings for her old friend gets flipped upside down.
While the Ice House Theatre’s production of A Midwinter Night’s Dream thrills the London crowd, Elyse’s life begins to take on a distinctly Shakespearean turn.
Elyse must find a way to discover the truth about the captain, Kai, John, and her own feelings if she hopes to escape the Thames with her heart intact.

Cover: “Hidden Goddess” by Marina Finlayson

Check out the cover for Marina Finlayson’s latest Shadows of the Immortals release, “Hidden Goddess“.

Now available in print and ebook!

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire. Jake, the man of Lexi’s dreams, is trapped in the underworld. Only Hades can free him, but Hades is missing, presumably a captive of the shadow shapers. Lexi wants nothing more than to free both of them, but the shadow shapers have hidden their tracks well. She has no idea where to start looking for the missing Lord of the Underworld until a visit to Death himself reveals vital information.

Finally Lexi has a target, but this will be no ordinary rescue mission. In a faraway city, she must face the shadow shapers on their home turf. She is the only hope for Jake and Hades, but there are too many gaping holes in her memory, too many things she doesn’t know. And some of them are about to come back to bite her big time.


Cover: “Heroic Justice” by MA Comley

Cover reveal for bestselling author M.A. Comley’s latest Justice Series release, “Heroic Justice“.

Now available in ebook!

A joint investigation between DI Lorne Warner and DI Hero Nelson

One Killer. Several gruesome murders. Two hundred miles apart.

This case is going to take two exceptional detectives to solve it. DI Lorne Warner and her husband, Tony, travel north to team up with DI Hero Nelson, on the trail of a killer randomly killing his victims in public places.

It soon becomes apparent the killer is toying with the detectives. To stay ahead of the investigation team, he changes his MO and ups his game… with a devastating outcome.


Cover: “Necrosworn” by JB Markes

The cover for the second book in author J.B. Makes’ Chronicles of the Wizard-Detective, “Necrosworn“.

Now available in print and ebook!

Trouble looms at the Silver Palace of Astar, home to the royal family of Coranthia. Prince Jasper, heir to the throne, is missing and presumed dead. Faced with losing his only son, King Eamon puts the world’s foremost (and only) wizard-detective on the case. It’s up to the necromancer Gustobald Pitch and his assistant Isabel Ives to bring the guilty to justice.

But with the list of suspects growing and tensions rising over a broken marriage alliance, it soon becomes apparent there is more at stake than a missing prince. To make matters worse, with Isabel’s condition critical and no cure in sight, she grows more desperate with each passing day. Can she unravel the mystery of the prince’s disappearance, or is she headed for a dead end?

NECROSWORN is the second volume of the Chronicles of the Wizard-Detective series, dark fantasy mysteries for the light-hearted.


Covers: Tha Havoc Chronicles by Brant Williams

Another multiple cover reveal!

Check out the new covers for Brant William’s Havoc Chronicles Series.

(The Havoc Chronicles is a Completed Series)

“Threads that Bind”

Book One

Now available in print and ebook!

Madison is a smart and witty teen who wants what any teenager wants – to fit in and be accepted. Everything changes the summer before her junior year of high school when her first kiss triggers powers she can’t control, almost killing the unsuspecting boy.

She discovers she is a Berserker, a powerful being chosen to guard the world from ancient creatures brought into our world by magic. These creatures cause destruction and death, but cannot be killed. Only a Berserker’s life-blood can bind or release them. One of the ancient creatures is free and needs Madison’s blood to free another. Instead of being a normal teen, Madison must now work with the Berserkers to master her powers and bind the creature before it kills her.

Oh, and if that weren’t bad enough, it turns out she is the first female Berserker since, well – ever.


Book Two

Now available in print and ebook!

Unbound picks up immediately where Threads That Bind left off. Having failed to bind Osadyn, the Berserkers must deal with the aftermath of Kara’s decision. Madison and Rhys are left behind to continue her training while the other Berserkers attempt to hunt down the remaining unbound Havoc.

Madison soon discovers her powers are even stranger than she had previously thought and that someone close to the Berserkers wants her dead. Seeking some sense of normalcy, Madison tries to blend back in at school with less-than-successful results and her attempts at a romantic relationship lead to consequences far worse than anyone could have imagined.

The Berserkers’ world will be changed forever.

“Bonds that Break”

Book Three

Now available in print and ebook!

Madison’s dangerous journey comes to its final conclusion as she and the other Berserkers set out to bind the last of the free Havocs. The words in Mallika’s final letter take on a terrible meaning when she discovers that the Berserker magic has become corrupted, and the rules of her world are turned upside down.

The magical corruption creates a rift in the Binder Council – some see Madison as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, and others as a threat that must be eliminated. Friendship and loyalty will be tested, and Madison must fight to survive long enough to learn the true origins of the Berserkers and Havocs.

Nothing is achieved with out a price, and the choices Madison makes will forever change the fate of the world.

Covers: “Winning Ace” and “Losing Game” by Tracie Delaney

A double cover reveal for you (because I’m lagging behind on them). The first two books of Tracie Delaney’s A Winning Ace Series, “Winning Ace” and “Losing Game“.


“Winning Ace”

Available in print and ebook.

What does journalist Tally McKenzie want more–the story or the man?

 When the opportunity arises for Tally to meet tennis ace Cash Gallagher, she grabs it with both hands. Desperate to advance her career, she hides her true identity from the celebrity.
After the normally private Cash divulges personal information, Tally seizes her chance and writes an inflammatory article. Incensed, Cash confronts her, but the darling of centre court gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself passionately drawn to the woman he should detest.
Yet Cash is a man with secrets that could destroy his career. Dare he take the risk of intimacy with Tally, or is the cost too great, even for his perfect match?

“Losing Game”

Available in print and ebook!
Can love overcome betrayal, or are some things broken beyond repair?
Too hurt to look into who might have sent photos of Cash Gallagher kissing another woman, Tally McKenzie flees to a secret hideout in Brighton and tries to forget her lover.
Stubborn to the last, Cash tracks Tally down and wins her back by confessing his darkest secret. Now he can only hope his demons don’t become headline news and threaten his role as the reigning bad boy of centre court.
Can Cash and Tally’s deepening relationship survive all the challenges, or is the hot tennis ace about to discover that the prospect of losing his precious career is the least of his woes?


Cover: “Veins of Ice” by Melissa Kellogg

Introducing the cover for author Melissa Kellogg’s “Veins of Ice“.

Now available in print and ebook!

For four centuries, a feud has divided Archelm City. With Waters and Earths aligned on one side, and Fires and Airs on the other, tensions rise until lives are claimed and bodies have to be buried. As an Ice elemental with extreme abilities, Karena has only know pure hatred for the Fires and Airs on their side of the city. But when she falls in love with a masked stranger at her masquerade-themed birthday party, and his identity is revealed, she will realize that hatred ultimately destroys everything in its path, including any chance of love.