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Cover: “I Made You My First” by Ciara Threadgoode

Check out the new cover for author Ciara Threadgoode’s “I Made You My First“.

Now available in print and ebook!


BLURB: What was meant to be just another quiet routine respite quickly twists itself into the ride of a life-time. What would you be willing to do in the name of love? Would you break all of life’s basic rules? Coming from a sheltered and dutiful life, J.C. finds herself throwing her usual caution straight to the heavens for safe keeping. He was blonde and heart-wrenchingly handsome, yet mysteriously charming and she knew nothing about him. Turns out, he knew everything about her. She rapidly finds herself in a surprising, but captivating tryst with a persuasive suitor with an optimistic tale of love at first sight.


Print Edition

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Cover: “Deadly Act” by M.A. Comley

Cover reveal for bestselling author M.A. Comley’s upcoming Hero Series novella, “Deadly Act”.

Now available for Amazon preorder!


BLURB: When Hero’s wife is involved in a car accident with her best friend in which the driver left the scene, he decides to investigate the case. Hero soon discovers that Nelda has had to contend with a string of strange things happening to her since she broke off her engagement to Paul Fox.

Can Hero pin any of the strange events on Paul before he carries out his final deadly act?


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Cover: “Corpse in the Cactus” by Rita Strombeck

Cover reveal for another cozy mystery brought to you by Cozy Cat Press, “Corpse in the Cactus”, the second book in author Rita Strombeek’s Sunshine Valley Mystery series.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: If Eve Iverson hadn’t spotted her stolen painting hanging on the wall in one of Sunshine Valley’s most popular restaurants, she and her husband, Adam, would never have discovered the dead body of the restaurant’s owner. Suddenly, the couple find themselves enmeshed in a web of chaos and intrigue, where they become key figures in a widespread homicide investigation. Although she is able to pursue her increasingly successful art career, Eve must also face the fact that everyone she meets appears to have had a motive and the opportunity to commit murder. As the suspense increases, the Iversons come to realize that all is not what it appears to be in this seemingly tranquil oasis in the desert––including the people who live there. Will the Inversons be able to working together to identify the person responsible for the CORPSE IN THE CACTUS?

Print Edition

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Covers: “Deset malých nadechnutí” and “Jedna malá lež”

A couple more covers for Baronet Press. The Czechoslovakian translations of K.A. Tucker’s “Ten Tiny Breaths”  (“Deset malých nadechnutí“) and “One Tiny Lie” (“Jedna malá lež“).

Now available!

Cover: “Murder on Opening Night” by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Cover reveal for mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig’s next Myrtle Clover Mystery series release, “Murder on Opening Night”.

Look for it coming soon to print, ebook, and audio!


BLURB: When Myrtle Clover and her friend Miles attend a play in their small town, there’s a full house on opening night.

It’s clear to Myrtle that one of the actresses is a stage hog who loves stealing the spotlight.  Nandina Marshall certainly does upstage everyone—when her murder forces an unexpected intermission.

Can Myrtle and Miles discover who was behind her final curtain call….before murder makes an encore?


Print Edition

Audio Cover

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Cover: “Interstate Providence” by Samuel Miller

Introducing the cover for author Samuel Miller’s “Interstate Providence“. Brought to you by Hydra Publications.

Now available on ebook!


BLURB: Hunter Damon got jilted at the altar and fired from his job within 60 seconds. With his assumed ‘perfect-life scenario’ now destroyed, Hunter takes a long cathartic drive before getting a hotel room hundreds of miles away. Waking up the next morning, Hunter realizes there’s nothing left for him back in his hometown, and decides to keep going on what becomes a metaphorical and literal Odyssey.

But he’s not alone on his journey. Along the way, Hunter is joined by the spirit of his dead father, who pops-in periodically to offer sage advice, observations from the Other Side and other Universal wisdoms.

With no plan, and little direction, Hunter Damon unknowingly relies on fate and the open road to deliver him to his ultimate destiny.

Print Edition

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Cover: “Osudová náhoda” by S.H. Kolee

Check out the ebook cover for the Czechoslovakian translation of S.H. Kolee’s “Fated”, “Osudová náhoda“. Brought to you by Baronet.

Now available for purchase!

Cover: “Ruthless” by Robert J. Crane

Cover reveal for Robert J. Crane’s 3rd book in the Out of the Box series, “Ruthless”.

Look for it coming March 2015!

or Pre-order it on Amazon!

Print Edition (minus back text)

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Cover: “Home Before Dark” by Polly Asbury

Cover for author Polly Asbury’s “Home Before Dark“.

Now available in ebook, coming soon to print!


BLURB: Home Before Dark is a work of fiction about two of my true to life grandfathers. All the Asbury’s and their offspring are real people. Since the history I have on them is scant, how they lived is fictional but based in fact. Henry Asbury comes to Virginia in 1676, when all of Virginia is in an uproar over Bacon’s Rebellion. With his best friend Tobias and a land grant from his Father, young Henry sets out to begin his life. On the banks of the Potomac River he will face the struggles of a young colonist determined to carve a life for himself and his family. Henry has three sons but by rule of thumb his plantation goes to the eldest. He breaks all the rules by leaving them enough to start on their own.

Print Edition

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Cover: “Pád noci” by Alexander Stainworth

Check out the cover for author Alexander Stainworth’s upcoming release “Pád noci”.

Coming soon (in Czechoslovakian) to print and ebook!

Hard Cover Print Edition (minus back and flap text since I can’t read Czechoslovakian lol)

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