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Cover: “Keep on Couponin’ ” by Marjorie Wolfe

Ever wonder about the secrets behind those Extreme Couponers? Well I just redid a cover for the eBook that tells you all about it:

“Keep on Couponin’ ” by Marjorie Wolfe

BLURB: Want to learn the secrets of an extreme couponer? Would you like to save up to 75% on your entire grocery bill each month? It can be done and author Marjorie Wolfe has been practicing these methods for over a decade. Keep On Couponin’ is a step by step guide to optimizing your savings in the checkout line. You’ll learn about weekly newspaper coupons, websites that contain hard to find manufacturers coupons, coupon clipping services and mobile phone apps that will help you save money on the spot! This book will pay for itself ten-fold with just one trip to the supermarket! So what are you waiting for?

Learn how to “Keep On Couponin!”

More Pre-made Covers

There are a couple more affordable premade eBook covers added to the batch. Take a look:

Pre-made eBook Covers