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Arachnid’s Challenge: Crab Spiders

The Arachnid Group at Redbubble  just finished another challenge. The latest subject? Crab Spiders! Check out the top 10!


GOTHCHA!! by robkal


Garden Beast VI by Ken Boxsell



Crab Spider on Frangipani by Frank Yuwono


spider in paradise by valandsnake


The Victim by robmac


Fitting In by alienfunk


Please Don’t Hurt Me! by Baynanno1



Come Into My Pink Parlour by Vanessa Barklay


Goldenrod Crab Spider eating a Fly by KaneSlater


tiny life by Peta Hurley-Hill

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Arachnids Challenge: “Hairy Little Beasts”

The Arachnids Group at Redbubble just finished off their latest challenge. With the theme of the challenge being “Hairy Little Beasts”, the turnout was spectacular, and the images incredible. But alas, only one image can be crowned 1st place. If you would like to check out all the entries, click here.

Now onto the show! The top 10 are as follows in order from 1st place to 10th.

“Don King” Jumping Spider by robkal

Too Cute by Marleia M Main


Baby Jumper by Darren Post

Wooly Predator by Frank Yuwono

Spider by pene

Miss Rosey by punchdrunklove

Untitled by Daniel Spruce

Garden Jumping Spider by Andrew Trevor-Jones

Big and soft by Gili Orr

Garden Beast V by Ken Boxsell

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Arachnid Feature – Color on Color: Camouflage

I am one of the hosts from Redbubble’s Arachnid Group. We recently hosted a challenge titled Color on Color: Camouflage. The rules to this challenge was to take or create (we welcome all art, just ends up mostly photographs) an image, in which the Arachnid had to be the same color as its background. i.e. A green spider on a green leaf, or a brown scorpion on brown dirt. You get the gist of it.

We only had 18 entries this time around, but they were a great 18 entries. If you would like to see all the entries, follow this link. Don’t forget to take a look at the artist’s other work. Their linked names will take you to their profiles. 

On to the top 10 images:

1st place went to Gozza with her beautiful piece, Practically Invisible

The rest are as followed:

Gotcha!! by robkal

Ruby Lips by Chuch Gardner

You Have to Look Twice… by Ann Palframan

Color Coordinated Spider by LoisBryan

Goldenrod Crab Spider #3 by KaneSlater

Goldenrod Crab Spider by Leyla S. Ismet

Yellow Crab Spider by Dawn81

Come Closer…I’m waiting… by Yool

Look Close by Jared D White

I would like to thank the participants for their outstanding work!

Congratulations to you all!