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Photography : Print Giveaway

Yep, this is a blatant self promotion post!

Last week I started a giveaway purely to gain more facebook likes on my photography facebook page. (only 3 likes away from 100! sighs..I know, sounds so lame lol) Sadly, starting the giveaway with only 67 current fb likes (a large chunk friends and family) there’s not a whole lot of interaction on the giveaway. I was really hoping for more (don’t we all?).

I dipped my toes in with giving away a four pack of fine art greeting cards to three winners. My hope was to gain enough likes or interaction with the giveaway to slowly work my way up to giving away larger prints. We’ll see, it’s not over yet! There’s still a couple days left to enter!

If you are interested in entering the giveaway, either go to my facebook page and enter here, or to the giveaway’s webpage here.

3 Winners will be chosen, and each will have their choice of one of 6 series of 4pk Cards. Each card was put together by hand and signed by me.

Curious as to what cards put together by me look like? Here’s a pic from when I finished making the last batch from my last show:

[Note: These are NOT necessarily IN the Giveaway, those images are shown further below]


HERE are the images for each card pack:






(a slightly different crop)






Whew! That’s a lot of images! So there you have it, the prints being given away.

So really, if you took the time to read this post, take a min to enter the giveaway! What does it hurt?

Cover: “Following Yonder Star” by Ehud Gershom

The latest cover was designed for Ehud Gershom’s upcoming novel “Following Yonder Star: The Untold Trials of the Three Kings”. We all know the 3 kings followed the star to Bethlehem when Jesus was born, but we don’t know what may have transpired on their journey. Ehud Gershom’s fictional novel tells their story. How they met, what transpired and what happened to them afterwards.

Ehud sent me his mock-up print cover, and the stock he used, and I got to admit, it was pretty dang good. Made me a bit nervous. But went ahead and chopped up the stock image, laying it out in a manor more suited to the 3 kings, played with the color and textures and this is what we came up with. (He plans on adding the text to the back at a later time)

And of course, with the plan to use facebook as a marketing tool, the timeline cover:

And as soon as the book is out, I will link to it. It will be available for print and eBook!

Facebook Timeline Covers

All of you rolling your eyes, refusing change (like I was) suck it up and get with the program! Facebook’s new timelines are here, but are you ready?

Honestly, I never gave the timeline covers any thought. I just kept clicking the “not now” button. Then earlier this week, I had an author contact me asking if I knew where she could find an image she might be able to use for her facebook cover. I had already done her eBook cover, so I had all the files. Putting something together for her wasn’t a big deal. Then after that, I did my own. And from all that, I have decided to offer facebook cover images as part of my services.

For the time being, I will offer a Facebook timeline cover image FREE with the purchase of a eBook/book cover. That image could take parts of your book covers imagery, to promote that specific book, like this one, created with the image from my pre-made cover “The Lost Girl”:

Or a basic image containing the book(s) as an actual book and your info, like you see here:

Or just a snazzy design with your author information. It’s up to you!


If you don’t need a book cover designed right now, but do want to update your facebook timeline cover image, for a limited time I will be offering that service for $10 per image!  Send me an e-mail at


And just in case you are curious, this is what I am currently using for my facebook fan page cover image: